Janelle Lynnae posts #1 way to ‘flex your confidence muscle’

Flex your confidence muscle, is a recently published book by Janelle Lynnae, CEO of Next Level Confident. In it, she uses her wisdom and vulnerability to empower women who struggle to find their voice. Janelle’s goal is to encourage women to speak with confidence and become the leaders they know they are, by retraining their brains to see themselves for who they really are: intelligent, powerful and worthy.

I’m not enough. I do not deserve this. I’m not that smart. I am not qualified. I am unworthy.

Do any of these doubts sound familiar?

If they do, ask, “What if I could overcome the lies I tell myself that keep me from having the successful life I want?” What if I decided to stop playing small and start living the badass life that I’m really meant to live? ! What if I could do all of this – and MORE – with the help of just one book? ” It’s true. Just one.

Filled with life lessons, tools and takeaways, Flex your confidence muscle is meant to help women slow down and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of a constant to-do list-driven life, while guiding them on a reflective journey where they can truly be honest about what that keeps them from living a life of joy, purpose and self-confidence.

Based on lessons learned from Janelle’s years of experience building women’s self-confidence, as well as her own battles with self-doubt and self-doubt, this book shares the lessons, tricks, and hells of the whole process. Janelle aims to teach women how to break free from other people’s opinions and start being shameless.

Those who take a copy of Flex your confidence muscle today will be able to dive in to erase the self-limiting, subconscious, and paralyzing beliefs that keep people from leading the bold lives they know are possible for them. Because the truth is, everyone deserves it.

Janelle’s book hits the market on July 07, 2022 and is available at major online bookstores.

Order a copy of Flex your confidence muscle of Amazon.

About Janelle Lynnae

Janelle Lynnae is the author of Flex your confidence muscle, as well as the founder and CEO of Next Level Confident, which trains women in business (especially in male-dominated industries) to build confidence in the workplace. Janelle shares her own struggles with impostor syndrome from a place of vulnerability and authenticity, and teaches the knowledge, wisdom, skills and breakthroughs that have transformed her life. She draws on years of experience coaching thousands of women through specific exercises that equip them with the tools to be confident and take control of their own journey by overcoming self-limiting and harmful beliefs. who hold them back.

Janelle has a degree in Hospitality and Commerce, is certified with a Masters in Transformational Training (MITT); and has spent over $40,000 on continuing education over the past 5 years to attend personal growth conferences, hire coaches, take classes and read books teaching about the power of the human mind. Janelle also volunteers with Pathfinders, a ministry through Awaken Church that awakens market leaders, visionaries and wealth makers to influence culture.

Find Janelle on social media: @janelle_lynnae

For more information about Next Level Confident, visit: www.nextlevelconfident.com

Flex Your Confidence Muscle: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Finally Take Action

Publisher: Merack Publishing (www.merackpublishing.com)

Release date: July 7, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-957048-48-2 (paperback), 978-1-957048-50-5 (hardcover), 978-1-957048-49-9 (eBook)

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