IPD Group, owner of EIN Presswire, Affinity Group Publishing and other news apps, becomes Newsmatics

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IPD Group becomes Newsmatics

Newsmatics is an information technology company developing next-generation global news platforms

Our News Tech platforms are a proving ground for a range of our pioneering News Tech models and there are many more to come”

— Mr Rothstein.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, May 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Internet Product Development Group, Inc. (IPD Group) announces the change of its company name to Newsmatics. The name change reflects the company’s focus on developing information technology platforms and its growing ambitions in areas such as media monitoring, custom media analytics and advanced intelligence software applications for all types of commercial, academic and government customers. Current Newmatics platforms include EIN Presswire, Perspectify News App, Affinity Group Publishing, NewsPlugin and APEX News Index.

Newsmatics develops and owns industry-leading news applications and databases used by millions of people around the world. It is a leading global player in the news content distribution and newsfeed industries through its EIN Presswire.

In 2021, Newsmatics’ Affinity Group Publishing division launched 3,900 publications powered by the company’s proprietary global news indexing systems, featuring structured news content from thousands of global sources in English. The news index, dubbed Apex News Index, is a hybrid publishing and content distribution business model.

Every publication such as Beijing Free Press, China Daily Sun, Australian News Journal, Egypt Political Times, Saudi Arabia Business Times, The Japanese Globe, Afghanistan News Wire, etc. is devoted to a subject, a region or a combination of both. Affinity Group Publishing uses proprietary tools to power each publication with relevant and engaging news articles, applying its extensive experience in building its own world-class newswires. A professional team of content moderators oversee the results, but we’re ready to open the platform to readers to further improve the quality of our localized news content.

David Rothstein, CEO of Newsmatics, says, “Launching 3,900 individually branded news publications in 12 months is no small feat. This represents the depth of technology we possess and the know-how to deploy it. We go deeper into affinity themed communities to feature localized content from trusted sources. Our goal is to help stem the growing tide of information deserts and give community journalism a boost. Our future planning leads to hiring local journalists to further improve the quality of our localized news content and help the journalist community at a time when real journalism is under strain.“

“Our News Tech platforms are a proving ground for a range of our pioneering News Tech models and there are many more to come,” says Rothstein.

Newsmatics’ APEX News Index is positioned as one of the world’s leading real-time news indexes. APEX News Index already lists news from online news publications around the world. Mr. Rothstein says, “We go further than other news indexes in that we expect to index more sources than others and we build analytics. The analysis will include charts, tables, forecasts, maps, sentiment analysis, plagiarism tracking, and even copyright infringement detections. We apply math to news.

About Newsmatics

Newsmatics is a privately held, independent information technology company headquartered in Washington, DC, focused on the development of information technology platforms. Its businesses include media monitoring, custom media analysis and advanced intelligence software applications. Its product line includes EIN Presswire, Affinity Group Publishing, APEX News Index, and Perspectify mobile app, among others. The company’s workforce consists of a global network of talented individuals focused on bringing clarity and increased transparency to news content, while simultaneously striving to help fill the gaps local news. It does not rely on advertising as a material source of its income.

The world is witnessing a dangerous rise in propaganda and disinformation that deliberately and strategically makes its way into the media, with some focusing solely on these harmful activities. Pushing back on these trends is part of our fundamental philosophy.

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