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TORONTO, CA/ACCESSWIRE/August 16, 2022/ podcast agency Penne announced the launch of its new hosting and analytics platform, CoHost. Quill Inc. has gained notoriety as a leader in the podcasting industry, and the company’s new podcast hosting platform embodies that reputation. It’s a tool designed specifically for brands and agencies to accelerate a salon’s growth – something that 91% of podcasters say is the biggest challenge they face.

CoHost was born from years of podcasting experience and feedback. It’s a tool designed by award-winning podcast experts – and it’s revolutionizing the way brands and creators publish, develop and measure their content. The platform is smarter, easier to use, and allows brands and agencies to truly understand what factors are impacting their show performance.

Quill’s R&D team worked with brands, content marketers, and industry leaders to identify gaps in the podcast hosting and analytics landscape to design features that could advancing the podcasting space and having a measurable impact for marketers. Every feature of the CoHost platform brings value to brands that use audio as a marketing tactic. For instance:

  • Seamless Podcast Hosting makes it easy to publish, organize and manage a branded podcast and distribute it to major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple and others.
  • Custom Link Tracking so users can gather relevant download attribution data and determine which marketing tactics are driving listeners and growth.
  • Centralized, IAB-compliant podcast analytics help users measure and report on key performance metrics such as engagement, awareness, and loyalty.
  • Audience profiles provide valuable insight into who your podcast audience is and if your content resonates with them.
  • SEO-focused featuressuch as automatic transcriptions and custom podcast websites, help increase brand awareness and search engine visibility.

The goal throughout the development and launch of the CoHost platform has been to simplify the podcast workflow and improve marketing performance. The tool is intricately designed to help brands and podcast agencies easily publish content, effortlessly grow their audience, and effectively measure performance. Major brands are already using CoHost to scale their podcasts, including TD Bank, Amdocs, Expedia, and Uberflip.

CoHost seeks to empower brand marketers with in-depth commentary and actionable analytics. From audience insights and marketing attribution to increasing visibility and revenue, the platform is a content marketer’s best friend. It helps brands overcome many of the most common challenges faced when entering the world of on-demand audio and frees them to focus on what they do best: building a quality brand.

Those interested in taking their organization’s podcast to the next level can book a demo with the CoHost team or sign up for a 7 day free trial.

About CoHost: CoHost is a powerful podcast tool designed to streamline the content creation process by addressing key challenges such as publishing, analytics measurement, and growth. The platform provides brands with the tools to scale their podcast and measure marketing performance. Learn more about

About Quill: Quill is a podcast production agency that works with brands to produce high-quality audio content. They specialize in branded content and provide strategic marketing services. They aim to help creators increase their income and achieve their podcasting goals. Learn more on their website:


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