Internet Archive Website offline for hours

The Internet Archive, also known as The Wayback Machine, suffered an outage around midnight EST on August 25. Disappointed fans around the world who were unable to access the site expressed their patient concern as well as thanks for the website.

Internet Archive Down

The site displayed a message that the site was down.

A check of the headers via The website showed that the website sends to a browser indicated that the site was sending a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error response.

This error message code is usually sent when the server is down for maintenance or because the server is overloaded and unable to respond with a web page.

Screenshot of the Internet Archive homepage error message.

Tweet the announcement

The Internet Archive posted a tweet shortly after midnight alerting the public that the website was down.

The tweet didn’t provide any information about what was wrong, only that they were working to get the site back online.

Here is the tweet:

Wayback Machine fans around the world are expressing concern

Many people were inconvenienced, but those who posted comments were more worried than upset, with many simply posting messages of gratitude.

IsItDownRightNow had over 300 comments expressing concern.

Some people were students who needed the site for their research.

Another was a Grateful Dead fan who posted that their attempts to stream archived Grateful Dead concerts had failed.

Comments also poured in on Twitter.

What can be wrong?

There was speculation that the site might be down due to several lawsuits filed by publishers who oppose the free distribution of books.

But the error message provided by the website seems to indicate that there is a problem with the server, the cause of which can be a myriad of problems.

This article will be updated when more information becomes available.

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