raises funding round to develop Peer-to-Peer internet standard

The waterproof browser, slated for release in Q2 2022, provides a full suite of easy-to-use P2P tools that help mitigate censorship and surveillance controls.

As users increasingly rely on the browser to access web applications and communications, the browser itself now serves as the de facto operating system and needs a major overhaul. Nearly 2/3 of Internet users who rely on Google Chrome are captured in Google’s virtualized operating system. The Impervious team believes the best opportunity to normalize adoption of the P2P Internet standard is to deliver P2P communications and decentralized publishing tools directly from the inside to the browser.

By weaving the Bitcoin Lightning Network, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), a DIDComm system, WebRTC, IPFS and more into the waterproof browser, users have a full suite of initiative P2P tools.

By directly connecting individuals to each other through cryptographically secure data transmission channels, the Waterproof Browser offers a variety of features that otherwise today rely on third-party intermediaries – i.e. video calls , messaging, shared documents, content publishing and payments.

“The waterproof browser enables zoom without zoom, messaging without WhatsApp, posting without Facebook, and identity without state,” said Chase PerkinsFounder and CEO of Impervious Technologies.

“Consumer protection and infrastructure initiatives related to cybersecurity are largely unachievable until we introduce mechanisms that enforce data privacy. The Waterproof Browser gives individuals greater discretion and day-to-day control over their data, payments and communications,” Perkins continued.

The company plans to use the funds to scale its rapidly growing team and attract top talent across the system, mobile, and bitcoin engineering ecosystems. In a bid to quickly capture big tech market share, Impervious plans to develop more user-friendly products, including a mobile browser and a new app suite in addition to Impervious Browser.

Meltem DestroyersChief Strategy Officer of CoinShares added, “The Waterproof Browser represents a new approach to the internet. An approach that defaults to the P2P internet standard and gives consumers much-needed choice about where and how their data is stored and transferred.

Other investors in this round include XBTO Humla Ventures Fund, Jungle Boys Capital, Bitcoiner Ventures, Lightning Ventures, and Lightning Labs.

Sign up for early access to the Waterproof Browser, here.

SOURCE Impervious Technologies Inc.

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