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LONDON, September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Heroic (https://heroicnow.com/) recently announced a beneficial collaboration with CoinGate to provide Heroic customers with crypto-payment gateways as part of their overall web design. Heroic is a dedicated service business site builder that focuses on getting coaches and consultants online quickly, saving thousands of design costs with a wide range of building options, from pre-built start pages to sites built from scratch. CoinGate is a payment gateway company that offers a variety of fintech services to businesses of all sizes. CoinGate is rapidly bringing cryptocurrencies closer to universal adoption using several different methods for websites and physical stores.

“The majority of today’s crypto enthusiasts are in their 20s to 30s,” said Phil weyland, Heroic CEO and co-founder. “This means that over the next two decades, these people will use crypto more as their purchasing power increases. Professional service providers such as coaches and consultants who built their websites with Heroic are now able to capture this growing market. Additionally, tech-savvy young crypto enthusiasts absolutely want to use crypto as a currency rather than an investment. This CoinGate integration also helps Heroic website users to cover their risks against traditional fiat currencies, which will benefit many digital nomads. This simply cannot be found anywhere else. “

With 106 million people using crypto around the world, it’s time for coaches, consultants, and other service providers to be able to bill cryptocurrency for their services. Heroic’s new easy integration with its website builder allows businesses to combine payment in standard fiat currency with crypto payment – similar to linking a website to PayPal or Stripe. Companies need only create a CoinGate Account and link it to their heroic website.

“Here at CoinGate, we aim to connect businesses and end customers by enabling simple, fast and secure crypto payments,” said Simonas Dargužas, head of the sales team at CoinGate. “We are seeing that companies with an integrated payment method by cryptocurrency have increased their sales as well as their brand awareness around the world. So many people in the B2B service industry have completely missed this innovative solution. But Heroic will seize this excellent opportunity, joining CoinGate and ultimately helping the crypto market as a whole. We look forward to working with Heroic on this. “

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Media contact:
Phil weyland, CEO and co-founder
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