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HAWARDEN—Hawarden City Council at its May 11 meeting selected a company to manage the redesign of the city’s website.

By a vote of 3 to 1, the council approved the choice of Civic Plus; City Council member Rob Klocke voted against the measure and City Council member Travis Olson abstained.

The other two companies whose proposals were under consideration were Agency Two Twelve, which is owned by Olson, and Municipal One.

Agency Two Twelve offered an annual hosting fee of $1,300 with a design fee of $6,640. It would have a total cost over three years of $9,240.

Civic Plus offers an annual hosting fee of $4,200 with no design fees, and a three-year total cost of $12,600. It requires a three-year commitment.

Municipal One listed annual hosting fees of $2,195 and design fees of $5,996. It would have a total cost over three years of $12,581.

According to Hawarden City Administrator Wanda Woodley, one of the reasons for upgrading the website is to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Hawarden City Council members Patty Anderson and Rob Klocke and City Administrator Wanda Woodley discuss proposals submitted May 11 to redesign the city’s website. Civic Plus was selected by the company to redesign the city’s website by a 3-1 council vote on Wednesday, May 11.

City Council member Patty Anderson spoke favorably of Civic Plus during the discussion, noting that it has been used for the towns of Le Mars and Sioux Center websites.

City council member John Feldhacker didn’t have a strong preference between the three choices, but he thought working with the Two Twelve agency might be easier on communication and customer service.

Klocke echoed this in his support for Agency Two Twelve.

“I would like it to be as local as possible. We have someone who can work with us and has done the job,” Klocke said.

He said this because agency Two Twelve has hosted the site since 2014. The City of Hawarden website was created by Bass Advertising in 2011, and the website was initially hosted by that company.

The city council had voted to enter into a contract with the Two Twelve agency at its previous meeting on April 27, with the 2-2 vote failing to secure a majority.

Hawarden’s director of community and economic development, Carol Hoogestraat, said the three proposals represented the best of the options she had considered.

“I researched several companies,” she said. “There were several in Des Moines, several in Sioux City. It was just a matter of picking three; I could have featured 10, but I felt a lot of information from the website providers was very similar.

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