‘Goodbye family cycling’: Disappointment as council brags of ‘exciting new plans’… only to rip segregated cycle lanes; Intermarché–Wanty–Gobert joins Adam Levine’s public roasting; One of the best sprints you’ll ever see + more on the live blog

Tip: Listen up everyone, we have exciting new plans for your main street. We know how important this is to you, so we’ve thought long and hard and can’t wait to tell you… (drum roll please)… we’re going to remove cycle lane segregation to make it a more convivial space…

Local cyclists and families:

Newcastle City Council announced the news with a tweet promising ‘exciting new plans’ before, in the press release, adding: ‘Plans would see improvements to Gosforth High Street to make it a friendlier area, with widened sidewalks, green infrastructure, seats and bicycle parking, as well as measures to favor public transport.

“This includes the extension of bus lanes around Gosforth High Street, with the current bollards being removed and replaced with widened pavements for seating and planting to improve the attractiveness of the area.

“The intention to reclaim the space permanently for people who walk or cycle will mean that this main street, which currently has some of the narrowest paths of any comparable shopping street in the city, would be a more pleasant.”

Here’s what the previous route looked like — though far from perfect, some might say — and how it allowed kids and families to access the road by bike…

But hey, encourage everyone, at least “recovering the space permanently for people who walk or ride bikes” “will make it a nicer place to live”…

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