Get your website built, hosted and managed for life with 83% off a UENI subscription

You are a SME owner, or maybe you’re starting a small eShop to supplement your income. Whatever the reason, you need to create a website. The problem is, you don’t know how to create a website that’s as clean and functional as what your competitors have online. Its good. You don’t need to know how to code to build a website, and you certainly don’t need to suffer for months learning a finicky website builder like WordPress. Instead, you can have your website built, hosted and maintained by UENI professionals and a lifetime subscription is on sale for $99 (Reg. $599).

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UENI helps you create the website of your dreams. Here’s how it works. First, you’ll answer a few quick questions about your business. Tell them what you do, sell and a few other things. Then a team of writers, designers, and coders will step in and start creating a new website for you from scratch. Within a week, you have a polished website ready to go.

From there, you can learn how to customize and manage your site. Once everything is built, learning how to add products to your inventory or organize reservations is simple. UENI will also help you get found, so you may need to keep this inventory. Finally, you can build your brand and showcase your products and UENI will create a Google business profile for you. Although it is definitely your website, you are not alone. And whenever you have questions, all you have to do is talk to UENI live chat for help.

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Many places can host and even give you tools to build your site, but few make it an enjoyable experience for you. EUNI is the alternative to hosts like GoDaddy, and one user even said, “I was with GoDaddy before. It was expensive and their customer service was horrible.

Build your website the way you want. Obtain UENI Done-For-You Website: Lifetime Subscription on sale for $99 (reg. $599).

Prices subject to change.

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