Free clinic that can move around thanks to a generous loan

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Free health clinic in Cedar Rapids needed more space to serve uninsured people and moved into a new home this week; however, this move could not have happened without the help of a generous donation.

The equipment was almost in place on Thursday and signs of a big transition were evident at “His Hands Free Clinic” in Cedar Rapids. This is an upgrade to serve more people who don’t have insurance, can’t pay their deductible, or their plan doesn’t cover what they need.

“The lobby was quite small,” said General Manager Dawn Brouwers. “With COVID 19, you need to have more space between people. We needed more patient rooms. Now we have six patient rooms instead of four. “

She said COVID 19 has brought new challenges in serving their customers. “We have reduced our hours and we have reduced the number of people in the building at one point,” said Brouwers.

So the move to a larger facility on South East Second Avenue, the former Wolfe Eye Clinic, came just at the right time. This will enable social distancing while increasing the capacity of the mission of nonprofits: to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those without adequate resources. This was only possible thanks to an anonymous loan of $ 1 million.

“It was totally out of the blue,” she said.

His hands will repay this loan, but it has accelerated the movement. Finding that much money would have taken two or three more years at a time when health care is so critical. While those who make the financial impact want to remain private, the gratitude of “His Hands Free Clinic” is fully displayed.

“This person is a servant in the community and she and her husband don’t want, need or want that kind of fanfare or recognition,” Brouwers said.

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