Fourth update of the 2021 stimulus check


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been criticized by Big Apple companies for rolling out “scattered” federal stimulus, which they say do not “strategically support sectors and communities” that have the most suffered.

Representatives from the five borough chambers of commerce and several other agencies addressed the mayor, president corey johnson and members of city council in a dazzling letter, as quoted by the New York Post.

They want DeBlasio and co to change the executive budget by $ 98 billion over the next three weeks before it is approved and a more “strategic” use of $ 6 billion from Joe Biden’s US bailout.

The letter read: “With a one-time injection of $ 6 billion in flexible federal aid, New York City has the resources to quickly and fairly recover from the ravages of Covid-19.

“We write with deep concern that current plans for these funds do not strategically support the sectors and communities that have suffered the greatest losses.

“Failure to allocate these funds wisely will delay the recovery and create unnecessary fiscal strains in the future.”

“The city’s current approach to distributing ARP funds is scattered and fails to lay the foundation for long-term economic and fiscal stability.

“The incoming mayor will face deeper unemployment, a precarious tax base and chronic housing, education and health disparities that have worsened dramatically during the pandemic. “

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