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We have all heard or seen stories of people who work very hard, burn midnight oil, and put in blood, sweat and tears to achieve their goals. It is truly inspiring. Revolutionary leadership with Mihai Both (now available on Amazon) is a book that begins with such a story. Our author opens up and explains his trials and tribulations during his first steps in a new country, and his story is simply inspiring.

Mihai Both is a self-taught entrepreneur who owns an electrical and sales business. He is originally from Romania. Since 2015 he has lived with his family in the UK, where he runs his business. He loves his family and enjoys helping others. Both share his struggles, of which he has had a lot, and encourage his readers that some people take longer than others to figure things out: “My vision – my dreams, my beliefs and my mission – is about what I wanted. do for myself in my life. I have realized that some people understand this quickly while others need more time. What speeds up the process is being around like-minded people, those with the same ideas and hobbies as you.

Faced with the challenges of working in a new country, having to return home, and dealing with other hardships, Both says he began to blame other factors when he couldn’t achieve his goals. The change happened when he realized it, and he felt it was necessary to surround himself with people with similar goals in order to be inspired.

“I started to immerse myself in personal development courses and I started following successful people, people who started with situations like mine (or worse) but managed to get out of it. , Explains Both.

Revolutionary leadership with Mihai Both is a must read for those who face difficulty and stagnation on their way to success. The story of the two will kindle a fire in your heart and help you find the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Taha, a structural engineer, describes Both’s determination with the following words: “Mihai is such an inspiring person with a dynamic attitude. We have had the pleasure of working with him in the past and have great confidence in him and what he does. I believe in life it is very important to know what you want and to make the right decisions to move forward towards your goal, and Mihai is the guy with that determination and not afraid to help people on her way. towards success.

Dania, a friend of Both, beautifully describes Both’s caring and determined attitude: “Mihai is one of those friends who, even if you don’t hear them or see them often, you know they will be steadfast with you. … A trait of his personality which I hold dear is his openness which gives him the ability to adapt to any situation. He is never afraid of a new situation and knows how to turn it in his favor. Calmness and perseverance help him in this regard. Without these qualities, he wouldn’t even be able to cope with his family (which he still cares about), his life as an entrepreneur, and the daily challenges that require his patience and attention. But above all, he’s a good man. Although he seeks prosperity and works daily to achieve his dreams, he neither forgets nor leaves behind those close to him. He is always there for his friends and anyone who needs a good word, advice or support… He finds a purpose to connect his life with bigger and better goals to achieve every time. He thinks that overdoing himself is the hardest fight and he’s right. He is sober and calculated. I still trust his instincts.

Revolutionary leadership with Mihai Both is now for sale on Amazon.

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