FF16 Characters Hugo and Benedikta Revealed With More Breathtaking Screenshots

Shortly after the release of the second trailer of FF16Square Enix has updated the game’s official site to reveal new screenshots and showcase the two new characters featured in the trailer, hinting at several story elements in the process.

The world of Final Fantasy XVI, Valisthea, contains six realms formed around the Mothercrystals. The realms extract Ether from the Mothercrystals, an energy source that powers Magick used for human activity, with wars waged over these Mothercrystals. The Mothercrystals are also the only way to stop the advance of the Scourge, a certain calamity that threatens the world.

Some realms are home to one or more Dominants, someone who has inherited the powers of an Eikon, the new name used for summons in FF16. Depending on a kingdom’s culture, Dominants can be revered and placed in a position of leadership, ostracized for their powers, or used as tools of war.

The two new characters seen in the trailer, aptly titled “Dominance”, are both Dominants: Hugo Kupka the Earth Dominant Eikon: Titan, and Benedikta Harman, Wind Dominant Eikon: Garuda.

FF16 introduces new dominant characters as possible allies

The first trailer and Clive’s official profile explained that Dominants could share some of their Eikon’s powers with others. Clive received the power of Phoenix from his little brother Joshua, who is the Dominant of Phoenix. In the second trailer, Clive is heard saying “I unite the Dominants…that we may end strife…and found a new order to see us until tomorrow.”

This would explain why Clive is seen equipped with multiple Eikons in the trailer, including Phoenix, Shiva, Titan, Garuda, Odin, and Ramuh. This strongly hints that even though some of them were initially enemies, the Dominants will all ally under Clive. The new official profiles also hint at this result:

Hugo Kupka – Official Profile

Hugo was a permanent economic adviser The meteoric rise of Hugo Kupka was sudden, even unexpected. Once an unnamed infantryman in the Republican Army, his awakening as Dominant of the Titan Eikon propelled him to the forefront of Dhalmekian politics. It was here that he used his new position as the most powerful man in the republic to exert influence over both the nation’s armies and the shaping of its policies, amassing a personal fortune in the process. Yet, while they say a man who has everything wants nothing, Benedikta Harman will teach him that money and power are far from all the world has to offer.

Benedikta Harman – Official Profile

After emerging from the storm of cold-hearted and ruthless youth, Benedikta Harman – Dominant of the Eikon Garuda, Guardian of the Wind – transformed her talent for swordsmanship and subterfuge into a command of the intelligences of Waloed elite. It’s on a mission to find the elusive second Eikon of Fire that she crosses paths with a like-minded Clive and is forced to confront her past.

Interestingly, Benedikta hails from Waloed, a kingdom where the current king is also a Dominant, but his Eikon has yet to be revealed. It’s probably one of the Eikons we saw in the gameplay trailer: either Ramuh, Odin, or Bahamut.

Jill’s identity as Shiva is pretty much certain now.

Also, the fact that the new characters all look like their Eikon strongly implies that Jill Warrick is Shiva’s Dominant, as they both look alike. Note that the illustration on the right is Jill during the game’s intro, with the younger version of Clive. It’s likely that the post-timeskip version of Jill looks even more like Shiva.

Finally, check out the latest screenshots in the gallery below, showcasing several landscapes and areas not shown in the trailer.

That’s all about the new characters in FF16. Square Enix’s JRPG will be released on PS5 in the summer of 2023. Producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that the development team will reveal more about the game soon, including through interviews.

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