Epic Games Store update improves achievements

Epic Games added achievement support to the Epic Games Store at the end of 2021 and is now expanding it with some fun new features.

The Epic Games Store has come a long way since its first release in 2018. Development has been slow, as Epic Games rolls out features at an unsatisfied pace, but today’s Epic Games Store is much more robust compared to the original release. One of the key features added by Epic Games is an achievement system, something that players really appreciate. And now, over six months later, Epic Games is expanding the EGS Achievement system with even more features.


Originally released in late 2021, the achievement system for the Epic Games Store was very simple. It allowed game developers to implement achievements for their games and players to earn those achievements, permanently unlocking them so they could be viewed later in a user’s profile. There were even associated trophies and XP values ​​associated with each achievement. However, the system had no way to filter achievements, nor to check the rarity of various achievements.

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This feature has now been added to the Epic Games Store. EGS users can now see how rare achievements are. Each achievement will have a small tag below showing the percentage of players who have unlocked it. In their account information, Epic Games Store users can also sort their unlocked achievements to see which are their rarest and most common achievements.

While these additions to the EGS Achievement system aren’t particularly robust, it just shows that the Epic Games development team continues to iterate on the features of the storefront. These are not major features, but they are features that users appreciate on other platforms. It makes sense that the features will also be implemented on the Epic Games Store.

Seeing these little features added to the Epic Games Store is somewhat surprising. Epic Games has a long list of major features to add to the storefront, after all. The completion percentage should be low on the priority list. As such, this was likely a relatively quick feature to be added by Epic Games developers that hasn’t slowed down work on other upcoming features.

As for what users can expect to see next, Epic Games Store’s Trello development has several exciting upcoming additions. A Favorites feature for gamers to mark their best games in their library is in the works, as are more robust publishing tools for game developers and publishers. Another major addition coming to the Epic Games Store is Profiles, a social panel showcasing a user’s achievements, friends, and other publicly shared information. Expect the Epic Games Store continue to grow in the months and years to come.

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