Epic Games Store finally adds the “Add to cart” feature


The Epic Games Store is finally adding a long-requested feature, with an “Add to Cart” button allowing users to purchase multiple games at the same time.


In the last three years since the Epic game store Launched, the PC gaming platform has become one of the main competitors of industry giants like Steam and Origin. The service is supported by the massif Fortnite and Unreal developer has helped the online storefront compete with established services and even secure exclusive releases of major games like the upcoming PC version of Final Fantasy 7 remake. Now, a recent Quality of Life update has made the shopping experience more user-friendly for customers looking to purchase multiple games at the same time.


Epic Games has consistently made quality of life changes to the growing market since the Epic Games Store opened in December 2018. Recent updates have introduced a carousel of screenshots to game pages, Clickable genre tags for Epic Games Store search and a variety of other minor features aimed at making the user experience easier for players browsing the market. Now, Epic Games has added a much requested feature to its online store for gamers purchasing multiple games: an “Add to Cart” button.

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On Thursday, Epic Games announced that the online storefront will officially add an “Add to Cart” button, allowing players to select and purchase multiple titles in one shopping trip. The ability to add multiple games to cart has been one of the most requested features for the Epic Games Store feature by fans of the platform since its inception. “Add to Cart” buttons are a staple of online storefronts, and the addition of the functionality to the Epic Games Store has been long overdue.

The Epic Games Store has made constant updates during the first three years of its life to bring the platform up to the standards set by its competitors. Earlier this year, Epic Games began rolling out store-wide Epic Games Store achievements similar to those used by other gaming platforms like Steam and Xbox Live. The developer has also previously announced plans to implement features like user profiles and tools to help game developers publish their games to the store, among others.

One of the most popular features of the Epic Games Store during its early years was the platform that frequently offered a weekly rotation of free games without the need to purchase a subscription. The free promotion often featured high-profile indie games like Death by the light of day, and even big AAA games like Nioh: the complete collection and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Between frequent updates refining the online platform and the popularity of its free-to-play program, the Epic game store was built to thrive in the future.

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