redesigns the website, taking the classic Shopify shaving site to WordPress helps redesign the website for

With an improved mobile experience, we expect to see the company continue to see growth in its direct-to-consumer e-commerce model for selling shaving products online., a personalized service provider Web development and website design services is pleased to announce the redesign of the website of As part of the planned transition, served as an advisor for site structure, redevelopment, design and SEO implementation.

“We were looking for something that would help improve the brand, but more importantly improve our search engine optimization against competitors in the space,” says Josh Chow, chief product officer for “We continued to have URL string and canonicalization issues with Shopify. While it was great for e-commerce and product shipping, it never met our SEO-related needs.

“We kept some of the original elements of the site,” says Ryan Nead, vice president of sales and marketing at “But, we have added enhanced items, features and functions with WordPress development that were restricted on Shopify.

One of the biggest improvements to the site was to couple the number of SKUs and consolidate the waste of shave blog content that was negatively impacting the on-page SEO. Old short content and redundant blog posts have been consolidated to fix cannibalization issues with keyword rankings. Additionally, the company changed the default URL strings, added meta description improvements, site structure updates, and internal backlinks to further strengthen the signals the site provided to search engines and search engines. users.

“Most importantly, we’ve optimized the site for mobile users,” says Nead. “Most of the content on the site comes from mobile, and the original design wasn’t well optimized for shopping from a mobile device,” he says. “With an improved mobile experience, we expect the company to continue to see growth in its direct-to-consumer e-commerce model for selling shaving products online.”


Since 2018, has been providing traditional and classic shaving products to consumers around the world. While the company sells a host of shaving products, including soaps, creams, and shaving brushes, the company’s primary focus remains safety razors and double-edged safety razor blades.

The company was founded in Seattle, WA. More information is available by visiting the company’s website:

About is a custom software development company. Founded in 2008, the company provides custom web, mobile and software application development and staffing services to small and large businesses. With a fully remote workforce, the company uses technology to deliver phenomenal digital experiences to customers around the world. More information is available at

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