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TEL AVIV, Israel, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cybersixgill, a leader in threat intelligence enablement and enrichment, today announced its extended offering to thousands of users of Maltego, a software used for open source intelligence and forensics. Cybersixgill Maltego Transformations allow Maltego users to gain unprecedented context by tapping into the deep and dark web’s largest collection of intelligence. This will allow Maltego users to achieve better results and a broader context – faster than ever before.

“Harnessing the largest and most in-depth collection of real-time threat intelligence from the deep and dark web is especially critical in criminal investigations,” said Ron shamir, vice president of product and technology alliances at Cybersixgill. “Cybersixgill transformations allow Maltego users to use a ‘zoom out, zero in’ approach with unprecedented speed and precision: zoom out on a small track, get more context, enlarge the image of the intelligence to finally focus on a suspect. ”

In addition to providing an additional layer of contextual enrichment for each investigation, Cybersixgill transformations improve the efficiency of other Maltego transformations, thereby unlocking dead ends, uncovering pieces and connections of information for expedited investigations. Validating sources, connecting the dots and finding links between seemingly unrelated investigations – now all easily done with Maltego’s visual analysis.

“One of the main benefits of Maltego is the ability to create a clear visualization of any threat intelligence investigation,” said Dr Rebecca Köhler, Head of Data Integrations and Partnerships at Maltego. “Cybersixgill Transforms helps bring clarity and conciseness to any evolving investigation. Maltego’s data plan offering and Free Allocations for Business Clients make it easy to harness insights into deep and dark web threats to fuel other sources and speed up investigations, all in one interface. “

Reflecting the joint commitment of Cybersixgill and Maltego to unlocking the potential of automated real-time threat intelligence, Maltego users also have the opportunity to further expand their investigations based on the Cybersixgill forensic portal via a Secure API, gaining even more knowledge about threats. the experience of the actors, their motivations, their history, etc.

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On Cybersixgill

CybersixgillFully automated threat intelligence solutions help organizations fight cybercrime, detect phishing, data breaches, fraud and vulnerabilities, and amplify incident response, in real time. The Cybersixgill investigation portal provides security teams with contextual and actionable information as well as the ability to conduct real-time investigations. Rich data feeds such as Darkfeed â„¢ and DVE Score â„¢ CVE information leverage Cybersixgill’s unparalleled intelligence gathering capabilities and deliver real-time insight to organizations’ existing security systems. More recently, Cybersixgill introduced threat intelligence agility with its CI / CP (Continuous Investigation / Continuous Protection) methodology. Current clients include businesses, financial services, MSSPs, government entities, and law enforcement.

About Maltego

Maltego enables investigators around the world to speed up and increase the accuracy of their investigations through easy integration of data into a single interface, supported by powerful visualization and collaboration capabilities to quickly focus on relevant information. Maltego is a proven tool that has enabled over a million investigations worldwide since its first launch in 2008. Due to its wide range of possible use cases ranging from threat intelligence to fraud investigations , Maltego is used by a wide audience, security professionals and pens. from testers to forensic investigators, investigative journalists and market research specialists.

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