Cute Zelda-like Cloudscape crushes her kickstarter; Top Hat Studios to release for consoles and PC


You’ve probably heard of Spongebog Squarepants, She-Ra, Kung Fu Panda, or The Fairly Oddparents, right? Well, the longtime host of those aforementioned children’s TV shows Chris Gottron (AKA Konitama) has been busy working on his first video game: an engaging 2D Zelda-style action-adventure survival experience. called Cloudscape.

Interestingly, Cloudscape’s kickstarter campaign ends in just two days, but surprisingly, it has already surpassed its initial kickstarter goal by 300%!

Meanwhile, perhaps due to its formidable kickstarter campaign, New York publisher Top Hat Studios has announced that it will release Cloudscape on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Good news, then, for fans of old-school Zelda-type games, eh?

To celebrate the success of the open-world title’s kickstarter and new publishing deal, a new trailer showcasing the game in action has been posted on Youtube. Feast on the eyes below:

Of course, while Cloudscape looks a lot like the classic Hyrulean Super Nintendo from 1991, it also features more modern survival and building mechanics, similar to Eric Barone’s critically acclaimed Stardew Valley.

For more information, here’s a preview of the game’s official press release:

Inspired by classics such as Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing, Cloudscape blends survival, action, exploration, and social mechanics. You play as Kumo, a Cloudling who wakes up on a sunny desert island. You will have to explore the island and build yourself a refuge, because this paradisiacal place is not as uninhabited as it seems: monsters roam the island at night and will attack you on sight! You will have to gather materials to craft tools and weapons, forage and fish to get food, fuel your campfire to fend off the darkness of night … You can perform actions like mining, cutting down trees for timber, planting and harvesting resources among other things to build your farm and thrive on your island.


– Explore a rich world with new exotic locations and unlock many new resources, tools and abilities to help you go deeper into the world.

– Farm, fish, forage and craft as you brave the wilderness and try to bring heaven to earth!

– A cute and whimsical art style created by an animation industry veteran who has worked on cartoons defining childhood as Spongebob Squarepants before.

– Many inhabitants to meet! Make friends, enemies or even find love.

– Fight to survive the night! Craft and discover new weapons to help you defend yourself in the dark, as well as through special dungeons created as a love letter to classic Zelda titles such as A Link To The Past.

– Build a house, decorate it, fill it with stuff! Personalize your look with different clothes.

– Catch insects, tame and raise animals (you CAN pet the dog!), Learn to cook, dig for buried treasures, solve puzzles and uncover secrets.

– A special Nintendo Switch physical edition of Cloudscape available as a reward on Kickstarter! Konitama is working with a trusted partner with a proven track record in delivering crowdfunded games to facilitate this.


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