Custom Marine Inc. Launches New Website

You probably already knew that Custom Marine Inc., offers more than just headers, but in case you don’t, CMI’s brand new website makes it pretty clear. Of course, engine-focused headers, exhaust tips, and tailpipes from Neenah, Wisconsin are a big part of its business, but CMI also supplies a variety of products for the military and automotive markets. tugs.

The CMI team recently launched a new website to improve the customer experience.

The new website showcases all of CMI’s products, capabilities and services, which also include metal fabrication, bending and forming to advanced robotic manufacturing technology, in an easy-to-navigate format. It also highlights the company’s history, frequently used materials and markets served, and a long list of resources ranging from build sheets to dyno information.

So whether you are in the market for CMI GenX headers that are factory direct replacements for mercury race525EFI, 565, 600SCi and 700SCi engines, or if you are looking to replace your exhaust tips with stainless steel tips with a butterfly style flapper to help prevent water reversion, CMI can help you get going fast , go “quiet” and, above all, go big.

The company has also put together a quick highlight video that repeats on the website and is on the CMI YouTube page.

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