Creative Studio offers students a multitude of technological tools

A new partnership with four other universities has increased the number of online courses offered by the University Libraries’ creative studio, in addition to the materials available to borrow.

In the movie “Ocean’s 8”, thieves use a 3D printer to make a copy of a precious necklace so they can exchange it for the real one.

Can this feat be achieved with today’s 3D technology?

Vanessa Rodriguez, head of the University of Miami Libraries’ creative studio and associate professor librarian, will seek to answer that question in an upcoming virtual discussion, “Scanning and 3D Printing Explained with Future Technology of Ocean 8”. The virtual session will take place on March 9 at 3 p.m.

“Sometimes it’s easier to explain concepts if people can relate to them,” she said, explaining why she chose to highlight the film in her speech.

Rodriguez runs Creative Studio, a multimedia lab located on the first floor of the Otto G. Richter Library and Weeks Music Library, which helps students and staff members acquire the tools needed to create multimedia projects. The studio offers courses on various software, including Adobe and Canva.

Now, thanks to a partnership with several other universities, the number of online courses has increased. The studio has partnered with library building spaces at several Southeast universities to form a new community called SEML – Southeast Media Libraries – which supports teaching and learning in the areas of audio production, 3D rendering, animation, graphic design, desktop publishing, etc.

Vanessa Rodriguez works with a 3D printer in the Creative Studio

Participating universities are the University of Miami, Clemson University, North Carolina State University, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

The partnership will allow university students to take virtual courses offered by all universities.

“Since we [the universities] were all on Zoom because of the pandemic and we can have sessions with 300 people, it made sense to allow students and staff from others to attend our sessions,” Rodriguez said.

Register for courses offered by the SEML partnership. The creative studio sessions are meant to introduce a user to the essentials of the software.

In addition to offering lessons, the studio allows students to borrow equipment so that they can create their projects. These include cameras, video cameras, screens, lights, tripods, microphones, and VR headsets. The studio also has an Ultramaker 3 3D printer.

Anyone interested in music can also use the Weeks Music Library Creative Studio, which includes specialized software for music. The material lent by this library is more specialized and includes keyboards. In addition, two recording studios are available to all students and staff.

For those interested in projects using virtual and augmented reality, the XR Community Lab on the third floor of the Richter Library can be a great resource. Support is available for faculty members who want their students to experience VR and AR technology during their lessons.

Visit Creative Studio for more information.

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