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Who else had more questions than answers after Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s announcement on leeway for fully vaccinated people yesterday?

We sure were! Although the government had announced the National Recovery Plan (NRP), it was kind of annoying to figure out which phase the state you’re in is in and what not.

Luckily we found a website that makes everyone’s lives easier.

NRP’s website is a one-stop center to find out about the phase each state is in, what it’ll take to get to the next phase, assistance available to those who need it, and even information specific to activities such as travel, eating out, sports and more.

There’s also a section specifically for businesses. If you own a business and not sure of the SOPs or assistance available for you, here’s a great place to look.

Right now, most of the states in Malaysia are in phase one or two. Only Perlis and Sarawak, as well as Wilayah Perseketuan Labuan, are in phase three. No states have reached phase four, which is the ultimate goal for the country.

The site is pretty useful although for those of us living in the Klang Valley, the answer to almost all our “is this allowed?” questions is “No. Just stay home.”

Hopefully, all the states will reach phase four soon and life can resume.

PS: You’re only considered as fully vaccinated at least two weeks after you get your second dose (for vaccines that requires two doses) or 28 days after (for vaccines that only requires one dose).


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