Concern Worldwide Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 – Worldwide


Reach the farthest first

Respond to climate, conflict and food crises in the poorest and most fragile contexts.


This plan sets out Concern’s five-year ambition to achieve the greatest possible impact for those most left behind; mobilize our global network to respond to increasing poverty, hunger and humanitarian needs while facilitating the empowerment of communities at the furthest borders of an increasingly fragile world. It’s as much about the nature of Concern as it is about our goals and objectives, building on over 50 years of experience and a hard-earned reputation as a professional, responsive, accountable and focused organization on what matters.

Our work is in line with the overall ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the resolution of the opening declaration “reaching the most disadvantaged first”, the most vulnerable communities and people in need. situations of extreme poverty that have traditionally been overlooked but have always been at the center of Concern’s work.

The plan presents an ambitious vision for even greater impact at a time when conflict, climate change and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically increased the scale of needs and vulnerability around the world. It’s about staying focused, doing more and doing it better.

Our objective: Remains resolutely on the extremely poor, especially in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, and those caught up in emergencies and the effects of the intensifying climate crisis. This is where, since 2000, Concern has strategically focused, and this focus will remain.

People-centered programming: Building on our long-standing commitment to high quality people-centered programs, we will build capacity at the local level to improve emergency preparedness, community resilience and pathways to sustainable development.

Influence: We will use our global positioning to influence change nationally and internationally, focusing primarily on hunger, conflict and climate change.

Mobilize: We will expand our global network of 230,000 supporters and leverage our reputation with major donors to achieve greater impact and broader momentum for change.

Agility and urgency: In an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world, we will work hard to improve our organizational culture of agility and responsiveness to crises.

Ways of working: We will harness the potential of remote and flexible working methods, while retaining the need and power of being in the field, and the value of working together in person.

Valued and diversified: We will continue to build a diverse, valued, engaged workforce capable of working effectively in the varied contexts in which we operate.

Throughout the life of this plan, we will keep our organizational values ​​at the heart of everything we do, while subscribing to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, respecting the trust placed in us by the communities we work with and those who generously support our work and mission.


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