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Cleveland County businesses can now save time and postage by filing their 2022 professional personal property repossession online.

Just Appraised is a proprietary online interface that streamlines tax assessment workflows for local governments. The secure website is used by the Cleveland County Assessor’s Office to manage online forms and county residents now have quick access to help through the new Assessor Page, which has been rolled out this week.

Businesses, corporations, partnerships and professionals are required to file an annual statement of assets. Every new year, active businesses must file a personal property return called OTC 901 by March 15.

County Assessor Doug Warr said Just rated makes this process much easier.

Before the new webpage rolled out, Warr said a business owner had to scan the form and attach the document to send online, or one could mail it, which the story said was the option. the most popular.

Warr said the decision to create an intuitive online assessor page with a portal for Just Appraised was born out of a mission to make the process easier and more efficient for both the taxpayer and the assessor’s office.

The assessor’s office sends the form to all known businesses in the county annually with a cover letter detailing the process and reminding them of the deadline. Warr said sending the notice is not a requirement, but it is a courtesy.

“We want to help remind them of the deadlines to avoid penalties,” Warr said.

If a company sends its OTC 901 even one day late, it is a 10% penalty based on the assessment. Thirty days after the March 15 deadline results in a 20% penalty.

A business owner can use the PIN on the form mailed to them to log into Just Appraised and begin the deposit process.

From there, it’s mostly yes or no questions.

Once logged in, Warr said companies that existed the previous year can see their assets reported on the Just Appraised portal.

“They can browse and add new assets they bought this year or remove assets they may have sold,” Warr said.

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the reviewer’s website, you’ve probably noticed lots of new changes, including a dashboard for better navigation. The new exemption page means the filing process can now be done online. The homestead exemption, which saves money on property taxes, is the most common exemption.

Warr said a landlord can apply provided the property is their primary residence.

“It has to be your actual home, where you live, and you can’t do that on rental homes or things like that,” Warr said.

Veterans who are 100% disabled and who own a homestead can apply for an exemption from the full amount of money in that home.

“It’s a big deal because they’re completely exempt, so they don’t pay property tax or ad valorem tax,” Warr said.

County Commissioner Harold Haralson said he was especially pleased with the office’s efforts to work with veterans who are 100% disabled on their tax exemption.

Haralson said Warr and his team have worked diligently to continue to improve services for Cleveland County businesses and residents.

“The new online filing option for company personal property and appraiser website upgrades to educate seniors, disabled veterans and others who can save money on their annual property taxes are a boon to our citizens,” Haralson said.

To keep county citizens informed of timelines and savings, the Assessor’s Office is actively updating its Facebook page this year as it updates residents with information on various issues. More information can be found here or on

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