China Game Restriction Already Surpassed By Chinese Ecommerce Sites

The gambling restriction in China which limits the playing time of underage players to just two hours on weekends has already been fixed. Chinese e-commerce sites have found a way around these restrictions, allowing young people to bypass the regulations.

Last week, Chinese regulators began implementing a new rule whereby players under the age of 18 can no longer play video games for more than two hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. To comply with this new regulation, the main Chinese game publisher Tencent has implemented two tools. The first tool is a real name registration and ID number registration tool which can verify the age of players. The second tool, released earlier this summer, is dubbed “Midnight Patrol,” which uses facial recognition. Both tools are intended to deter minors from playing video games during restricted hours.

However, Chinese e-commerce sites have already found a way to circumvent (and take advantage of) Chinese regulations on gambling restrictions. These websites have started renting registered gambling accounts to adults for young people to use. use them. The game account rental service costs around $ 5 for two hours of use. chinese government paper People’s Daily reports that Tencent has already sued more than twenty companies for leasing gaming accounts for their main title – Honor of kings.

These ecommerce sites might look nifty and nifty with their solution, but the regulation itself isn’t very hard to get around in the first place. After all, parents can lend their kids gambling accounts without any repercussions.

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