Capcom’s Countdown Website Teases a Reveal This Weekend

Capcom has launched a teaser website counting until a reveal later this week.

As you can see below, Capcom has announced the brand new presentation website earlier today, February 14, in the wee hours of the morning. The teaser website is counting down the days and hours until the publisher has it up its sleeve, but the clock will stop this Sunday at 10 p.m. PT and 1 a.m. ET / 6 a.m. GMT on Monday.

What’s interesting is that Capcom’s Pro Tour Season Final 2021 event is set to end on the same day. The prestigious fighting game event will kick off later this week on Thursday, February 17 and run until Sunday, February 20, the same day the countdown is due to expire.

This has, understandably enough, led many to speculate that Capcom is gearing up for a fighting game-centric reveal. Or, more specifically, they’re preparing to reveal the next entry in the historic Street Fighter series, following the initial release of Street Fighter 5 almost six years ago in 2016.

If it’s Street Fighter 6, it actually wouldn’t be a huge surprise. In late 2020, Capcom suffered a major data breach, during which unannounced plans and other internal details were leaked online. One of those projects was apparently Street Fighter 6, so there’s evidence that Capcom is working on a follow-up to Street Fighter 5.

Alternatively, many are convinced this is a Resident Evil-related reveal. The black background with white font screams horror, and Capcom announced story-related DLC for Resident Evil Village last year shortly after the game launched. Could we finally see what the team is up to? Capcom’s horror movie worked after months of radio silence?

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