BioShock 4 setting teased by uncovered website?


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It has been almost nine years since Bioshock Infinite was first released on seventh-generation consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, the themes of American racism and exceptionalism that are ubiquitous in the game seem to be tailor-made for the socio-political climate of today. Nonetheless, fans are clamoring for a new experience with BioShock 4 and they may have just received a major hint about the setting of the game.

Fans recently discovered a website at, a URL that directly references a dialogue line from Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite. As of this writing, only an artistic rendering of a starry sky and a “stay tuned” message – which serves as the site name on browser tabs – can be found on the page.

Considering the site’s sudden popularity and the fact that the Game Awards are set to take place on December 9, not to mention the Infinite reference, fans search the page for clues to BioShock’s upcoming installment. To that end, a popular theory is that the starry sky image could hint at a spatial setting for the fourth game.

However, not everyone is convinced of the significance of the site and / or the image.

Through GameRant, the site may not be as new as some people claim; its origins date back at least a year to 2020.

Here’s what we know: In December 2019, 2K Games confirmed that a new BioShock title, presumably BioShock 4, was in active development as relayed by EuroGamer. However, the game, which is being developed at the publisher’s Cloud Chamber studio, would be “several” years away.

More information could be revealed during the Game Awards. Until then, however, a new space setting should probably be treated as little more than a rumor.


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