Barge watch: New website gives Vancouverites updates on removal

The company in charge of dismantling the English Bay barge has launched a new website so that Vancouverites can keep up to date with the deconstruction of the ship.

Marine general contractor Vancouver Pile Driving will dismantle the barge piece by piece over the next few months, although a work schedule has not yet been released. The project is still in the planning phase.

“The barge is structurally in poor condition, cannot be refloated and will be deconstructed on site,” the company says on the barge’s website. “We understand that this project is of public interest and we are happy to provide updates as they become available. We appreciate your patience.”

Pile driving in Vancouver

The barge is loved by many locals and tourists alike, and people have flocked to Sunset Beach during the winter to snap photos of the huge boat which was blown up during a record breaking atmospheric river coupled with a royal tide in November .

It lodged on the rocks and could not be moved despite several attempts.

The Vancouver Pile Driving website has a link to Carlson Construction Group Inc.’s Instagram, which will be carrying out some of the work.

Partner organizations for the removal of the barge include the City of Vancouver, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Port of Vancouver.

“Preparation for deconstruction is complex and involves consultation with multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts,” Vancouver Pile Driving said. “Planning is underway and includes safety, security, protection and habitat and environmental assessments.”

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