Ayre Ventures Participates in Seed Funding Round for SaaS Tokenization Platform Buzzmint

LONDON, August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Buzzmint, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that empowers brands, creators, media companies and individuals to easily and quickly imagine, build and deploy utility-led NFT/token projects, secured seed funding from a group of investors including Ayre Ventures, the venture capital arm of by Calvin Ayre Ayre group.

Buzzmint enables the delivery of NFT (non-fungible token) projects within its clients’ own digital infrastructure, eliminating the need to send audiences to an external NFT platform. Clients without their own infrastructure will be able to publish directly to Buzzmint’s own NFT Marketplace, which is expected to launch later this year.

With long backgrounds in media and publishing, the founders of Buzzmint saw NFTs and the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain as the solution for content producers, media and publishing companies looking to monetize content. inherited, current and future. BSV is the only blockchain that combines low transaction fees with the ability to scale to handle enterprise-level transaction volume. This capability allows NFTs to be stored directly on the blockchain – not on a proprietary third-party server – giving users absolute control over their digital assets.

Buzzmint’s take on NFTs goes beyond the common perception of primitive digital artworks with limited utility, focused solely on speculation. Buzzmint sees NFTs as a purpose-driven technology capable of multiple types of functionality, whether it’s ticketing for events, keys to unlock access to special content, or empowering brands to s engage in two-way communication to create meaningful new connections with their communities.

Buzzmint participated in the first cohort of Satoshi Block Dojothe Londontech-based tech startup incubator that helps entrepreneurs build businesses on the BSV blockchain. Between their existing contacts and those provided by the Dojo’s mentorship program, the Buzzmint founders are currently in discussions with media, sports and luxury fashion brands about potential NFT opportunities.

Buzzmint co-founders Charles Symons and design director Neil Ferguson celebrated the funding saying:

“As a company that enables companies, brands and content creators to connect to the power of blockchain, digital assets and the potential of Web 3, it was extremely important that we seek the financial support of an organization that not only understood the technology we’re developing but were able to fully buy into our vision of how we see our customers, customers and content contributors using it and moreover “why”!We are absolutely delighted and delighted to have found this support through Ayre Ventures.

Founder of Ayre Ventures Calvin Ayre said:

“From the start, Charles and Neil impressed me with their vision of creating utility-based NFTs with use cases limited only by imagination. Buzzmint epitomizes the great work that Satoshi Block Dojo done in the development of founders who have both the vision to create great products on the BSV blockchain and the drive to realize those visions.”

Jay GujralManaging Director of Satoshi Block Dojo, UK, added:

“Buzzmint came into The Dojo program with an incredibly interesting idea and a very experienced team that we knew could create magic. We brought them in to help build on BSV, introduce them to customers , bringing them valuable advisors and ultimately refining their business model to resonate with the market. They have been a fantastic success for Cohort One, but this is just the beginning, Buzzmint will be making history for BSV and The Dojo and we look forward to helping them succeed!

About Peppermint

Buzzmint allows brands to quickly and easily tokenize/NFT their digital assets to market and sell to their loyal customers with a fully integrated storefront. Buzzmint is a full-service creative crypto agency ranging from ideation, creation and delivery.

About Ayre Ventures

Ayre Venturesfounded by a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist Calvin Ayre, provides capital to scalable, high-growth businesses within the BSV blockchain ecosystem, the only infinitely scalable public enterprise blockchain. The Group targets investments in innovative ideas and ambitious projects that are “positively disruptive”, supporting their expansion with the Group’s extensive network and industrial partners.

About Satoshi Block Dojo

The mission of Satoshi Block Dojo is to nurture and support start-ups that will change the world. This means providing a pathway to educate, train and raise startup entrepreneurs to the highest standards by providing the best mentors and teaching with the latest technology tools. The Block Dojo is the first start-up incubator exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin SV; it mentors and develops entrepreneurs and start-ups, while taking care of the administrative hassle of launching a great idea, so founders can focus on bringing their technology solution to market.

SOURCE Buzzmint

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