Author Robert Hebert’s new book, ‘Second-String Trilogy APP’, is a simple book to help readers succeed in the world of work


Newman Springs Publishing author Robert Hebert’s recent “Second-String Trilogy APP” details the upward mobility that exists in every job or vocation that makes an ordinary person successful.

KENANSVILLE, North Carolina – June 18, 2021 – (

Robert Hebert has completed his new book, “Second-String Trilogy APP”: a well-informed book that seeks to explain the steps required and the principles to be understood which would enable the individual to rise through the ranks to the position he longed for.

Robert writes: “All newbies engage in career paths of their choice or sometimes the availability of an alternate path as second ropes. Doctors, preachers, lawyers, educators, soldiers, salesmen, designers, farmers, factory workers, sportsmen, and the list goes on, all second-rate.

“There are criteria that must be met before vertical movement is possible in any career path. Once the principles or standards are upheld and satisfied, the responsibility for advancement rests with the individual, not the system.

“In the preparation phase for the second stringer, in addition to preparing for the desired career path, you have to prepare for the method to be used for the vertical movement. Look carefully at which method one chooses to use. Vertical movement goes up and down. Every career path has a system of advancement. Learn the system.

“The world’s most widely read book uses a divinely inspired system, method and discovery that is presented in part by the author in this manuscript.

“The challenge begins now …”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Robert Hebert’s Insightful Guide provides examples of ways to leverage advantage to give the second-in-class reader the tools to multiply their advantage and get ahead of the pack.

Readers who wish to discover this inspiring work can purchase “Second Channel Trilogy App” in bookstores around the world or online at the iBooks Store from Apple, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

For more information or for media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243-8512.

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Author Robert Hebert’s new book, ‘Second-String Trilogy APP’, is a simple book to help readers succeed in the world of work


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