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Alessia Cara recently released their third studio album Waiting for and boy, can we relate to some of the lyrics. Grammy winner joined Ryan seacrest on the air Monday October 4 and admitted that yes, she also sniffs her exes. In addition, you have to look at his precise impressions of Kourtney kardashian and Celine Dion!

Waiting for follows Alessia’s 2018 album Growing pains, and presents 18 new songs, including the previous ones “Best Days” and “Sweet Dream” and Tanya rad favorite “Bluebird.”

“I love to make it feel like it’s super happy and cold, then say something heavy and heavy … it’s like bittersweet,” Alessia shared of her raw tracks, with lyrics like “I miss you, yes, but I wasn’t for you” and “You look happier, I checked, of course.”

So why do we always search exes when we know it’s not going to help?

“Because we’re stupid,” Alessia joked. “It’s such a classic human thing to do.… If you go snooping around, you’ll always find something you don’t want to see… and you’re like ‘Why did I do this?’ I try not to do it anymore … but my self-control is like zero. “

Watch the full interview to learn more about Alessia, including to hear these truly hilarious impressions!

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