A24 Movies Reimagined as a Disney World-Style Theme Park on a Cool Website

The website pits A24 against Disney World, including references to Good Time, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, A Ghost Story, and other films.

A new creative website reinvents A24 movies like a Disney World-esque theme park. A24 is an independent distribution company founded in 2012. Although the company had humble beginnings, its popularity has grown immensely over the past couple of years. A24 has expanded its lineup of titles, even supporting the hugely popular TV show Euphoria.

Thanks to its new titles, A24 has won more and more mainstream success. In its early days, the company first distributed smaller films like Ginger & Rose and The spectacular now. A24 went on to post Oscar stars including Moonlight and Bedroomuntil breaking more significantly into the landscape of arthouse horror with Ari Aster’s Hereditary and Midsommaras well as that of Robert Eggers The witch and Lighthouse. This year, the distribution company is behind big-budget and blockbuster films such as Everything everywhere all at once.


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Now an artist is rendering the fantastical world of A24 as a Disney-style theme park on a new website. Illustrator Cristina Spano judge this rendering of an imaginary amusement park A24 Land. Featured “rides” include a roller coaster named “Good Time Express”, a Lighthouse-a themed waterslide called “Winslow and Wake’s Wild Ride” and a “May Queen’s Twisted Maypole” swing after Aster’s Midsommar. Even the park’s illustrated occupants are from the company’s films in the A24 Land designs, including a ghost balloon vendor reminiscent of Casey Affleck’s ghost of A ghost story and a random lobster probably referring Lobster. The homepage of the A24 Land website reads as follows:

In 1955, Walt Disney channeled the magic of his movies into a theme park and set a standard for family entertainment. What if you applied the same formula to a studio with a little more courage? Welcome to A24 Land, with thrills and chills you won’t find in the Magic Kingdom.

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The distinctive description alludes to the common rhetoric spouted by A24 moviegoers: that the company’s films are “gritty” and “raw”. Despite the studio’s growing success, many vehemently defend A24 as an anti-mainstream distribution company. They even coined the term “A24 vibes” to refer to both A24 and non-A24 films that match the unique aesthetic seen in the company’s various projects.

Does this new theme park artwork have the A24 vibes that movie lovers covet? His introduction certainly claims so. Its bright colors may indicate otherwise, though they appropriately bring in the Disney World sensibility. All in all, the new website cleverly represents the growing popularity of A24 over the past few years. While this theme park idea is unlikely to come to fruition, it will be interesting to see if the artist develops the idea and if those who are passionate about it A24 glom movies on it or not.

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Source: A24 Land

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