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TIRUPATI: Meet Harikiran, 29, from Putturm, who has a website, techglaredeals.com, which offers curated deals to online shoppers from websites such as Amazon, Flipkart.

“Online shopping has completely changed our lives. Now we can literally get everything at our doorstep with just one click. However, choosing the right product at the best price from shopping websites is a daunting challenge for many To help online shoppers, I sorted out the best deals and featured them on Twitter and other social media platforms, as well as on my website,” Harikiran said.

He said he started by writing tech-related news articles and posting them on his website in 2016, then shifted to classifying the ideal tech deals available to customers on shopping platforms. . Today, his Techglare Deals Twitter handle has 31.8,000 followers and he gives updates on different products such as TVs, laptops, cell phones, home appliances and other electronic gadgets.

In 2021, Harikiran launched a mobile app called Techglare Deals. When asked what prompted him to do this, Harikiran, a software engineer, said, “In 2014, when I was looking for a product online, there were only ads, and you could just be deflected and deceived by these advertisements. This prompted me to post the best deals on online shopping sites.

“All popular e-commerce websites will update their offers at midnight. So I will follow them and publish the best offers from midnight itself,” said Harikiran. Apart from shopping offers, it gives details of online education courses available on e-learning websites like Udemy.

Due to the pandemic, people are interested in taking online courses. “We release price information when fees drop. We also share information about free courses available online,” he said.

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