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When it comes to social media platforms, LinkedIn can come across as the older, more responsible, and infinitely more boring brother of Facebook. When it comes to functionality, however, this is an invaluable resource for professionals around the world. From 2021, LinkedIn has over 774 million registered members in over 200 countries, and savvy HR and marketing professionals would be wise not to overlook the wide range of resources it offers.

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From networking to branding to publishing, LinkedIn can provide a multitude of services. However, all of these options and the wealth of data can potentially hurt efficiency and productivity.

Here are the seven must-haves Linkedin automation tools it will help you get the desired results in less time.

Lead generation software that responds to the click of a button is good. Even better is software that runs in the background while you complete tasks elsewhere. For example, Castanet can manage one or more LinkedIn profiles and run continuously to automatically generate meeting requests, connection invitations and skill recommendations.

Searches can be filtered precisely by LinkedIn profile characteristics to find quality customers who are more likely to be interested in your business and the products or services you offer. When you have a connection with your customers, it means better leads and less time wasted on unwanted leads.

Dux-Soup is a sales tool focused on automated lead generation. Based on the settings you set, it automatically contacts selected prospects on LinkedIn. It can also send direct messages, approve skills, send personalized connection requests. A handy feature is its ability to schedule multiple delayed and personalized messages.

Crystal is a great source of information for sales and HR professionals. It is able to harness data from LinkedIn profiles to predict communication styles and personality types and thus give you a better idea of ​​the best way to approach customers, colleagues and potential employees.

Using the DISC Personality Method, Crystal also offers various training courses to show you how to implement your acquired data into the most effective processes for team building, hiring, and sales generation.

LeadFeeder uses web tracking technology to identify businesses that visit your website that are potentially interested in your services. It is useful in gauging the effectiveness of your marketing efforts because it also helps track how visitors find your website and which path they take. It can even offer data on the specific parts of your website viewed.

A strange downside to LinkedIn is the moreabundance of users and potential sales opportunities. LeadFuze uses powerful filters to narrow down leads, generate lead lists, and acquire verified personal email addresses to initiate contact.

On the human resources side, LeadFuze can run filters to find potential candidates on LinkedIn who are not actively looking for a job. LeadFuze search allows hiring managers to find contact details of quality people who would not be likely to independently apply to posted job openings.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is added through a simple Chrome extension. It allows you to view LinkedIn profile data if you email someone with a matching Gmail account. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator account gives you additional information about them when you’re in direct contact, making it easy to tailor your communication to the specific person you’re dealing with.

When trying to gather as much information as possible about a potential client, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the same individual or company on different social media platforms. Discoverly streamlines this process by bringing together all the information from the most commonly used social media sources and compiling each person or business’s social media presence in one place.

No more logging into five different locations to get a complete view of a potential customer’s web presence. Instead, Discoverly lets you switch between all platforms in one place for fast search capabilities.


Whether you use LinkedIn to grow your brand, generate leads, or expand your job search, the actual platform can hold so much data that streamlining is needed. These aftermarket tools and plugins can help you navigate LinkedIn and get the most out of all the resources at your disposal.

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