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Instagram plays a crucial role in our everyday life. Whether for entertainment or business, Instagram provides tons of content to keep audiences engaged. As a marketer, managing your Instagram account effectively is crucial to attracting your target audience and gaining more likes on Instagram.

But often times it becomes difficult, especially for newbies, to grow quickly on Instagram. You can buy Instagram followers to boost your presence. However, you need to take extra steps to stay ahead in your niche.

Usually, a simple, aesthetic-focused profile with regular content delivery keeps audiences engaged. So, make sure your Instagram account isn’t too messy. In this article, you’ll find a list of the top seven ways to run your Instagram account like a pro.

Create an attractive Instagram profile

Your profile is the first thing everyone sees when they view your content. Therefore, creating the best first impression is crucial. It determines whether the spectator will follow you or not. So focus on optimizing your Instagram profile by creating a professional profile picture. It could be your brand logo or a professional photo of yourself. Make sure the profile picture is consistent across all social media networks.

Second, optimize your Instagram bio by providing your username and a brief description of your business. Use SEO keywords in your bio to rank higher on the search results page. Finally, set a theme and color scheme for your Instagram profile to make it attractive.

Target your audience

Once you’ve optimized your Instagram profile, create a target audience to showcase your products. Your target audience can be anyone interested in your niche and brand. The first step in finding your target audience is understanding what problems your product can solve and which group of people will be most interested in buying it.

One of the best ways to find your target audience is to study your competition. Look at what type of audience they are reaching out to and what type of engagement they are receiving. You can also use data analysis tools to narrow down your target audience based on demographic details.

Another way to find your target audience is to get help from social media management tools and buy Instagram Followers tailored to your niche. You can then use their demographic information to target a similar audience on Instagram.

Create a content calendar

Having a content calendar is important for create compelling messages in advance. It helps you stay organized. It allows you to post content regularly. Thus, help you gain more likes and engagement on Instagram.

Creating content in advance also ensures that you will never run out of content. You can get help from any social media management tool to design the perfect content calendar. Collect photos, videos, infographics and animated content to create interesting posts. Use the correct hashtag, write an interesting caption, and schedule your posts to stay ahead of your competition.

Define a publication schedule

In the step above, we talked about creating a content calendar and scheduling posts in advance. Planning a post is an integral part of social media marketing. It helps you stay organized and regularly post content to your Instagram profile. So, keep your audience engaged.

There are several post-scheduling tools you can use to schedule your posts in advance. This automated process saves time and eliminates tension and the sense of urgency. Plus, it keeps you focused on creating high quality content.

Use automation tools

Automation tools are great for organizing your marketing strategy and reducing pressure. We took a look at the Post Scheduler Tool in the step above and saw how easily you can create and schedule your post in advance to post regular content. Just like that, several automation tools can be used to increase productivity and save time.

Chabot is another example of an automation tool used to give quick responses to audience queries in comments or DMs on Instagram. Most social media management services provide different automation tools for specific purposes. Use them wisely to create a powerful Instagram marketing strategy.

Keep your audience engaged

Engagement on Instagram is the most important factor that increases your brand’s visibility. Creating compelling content, using the right hashtags, and writing interesting captions help to engage audiences. Moreover, it helps you gain more likes, comments and followers on Instagram. You can also increase engagement by buying Instagram followers.

Another best way to keep your audience engaged is to respond to their comments, answer their questions, and interact with them. Use Instagram Stories and Live Streams to share valuable updates, customer reviews, behind the scenes, and more.

A high engagement rate works well with the Instagram algorithm that boosts your account and exposes it to your target audience. Thus helping you gain more followers on Instagram.

Using Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a data analytics tool for business accounts on Instagram. Here you can track the performance rate of your posts, monitor the number of subscribers, and check the engagement rate. You can also find information about your audience, their demographic details, what kind of content they like, and what time they’re most active.

All of these monitoring measures help refine your Instagram marketing strategy. Plus, it helps you grow your Instagram presence.


Instagram provides a simple user interface and accessibility to many features that can be used to increase engagement on Instagram. There are generally two approaches to Instagram: the first is to post visual content and the second is to consume it. Often, creators have trouble keeping up with regular posts.

The tips above help ease the process of creating content and posting. Thus, help you manage your Instagram account effectively and efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Implement the above tips into your marketing strategy and manage your Instagram account.


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