5 Ways To Promote Your eBook Through Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is one of Amazon’s many innovations that benefit writers. Its package includes several tools that can help you promote your eBook and get it on the map. They come with a few rules, however.

Here are five systems that KDP has put in place to accommodate a range of marketing strategies. Take note of the general pros and cons of joining this popular yet challenging self-publishing platform.

Is It Worth Using Kindle Direct Publishing?

In terms of marketing, KDP is a fast and reliable way to increase your book’s visibility. It’s designed to make the process as easy and efficient as possible, reaching thousands of readers all over the world even before your book launches.

Overall, the platform is worth it if you want decent royalties without having to spread your chores across too many services.

One downside to all of these opportunities, however, is KDP’s terms and conditions. Accepting them opens doors, while closing others better suited to authors wishing to reach a much larger audience.

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The KDP selection factor

An important part of Amazon’s publishing platform is KDP Select. Enrollment in the program is optional, but without it you cannot access most promotional tools.

At the same time, joining means selling your ebook exclusively on Amazon. It may be a famous platform, but it is not present in all countries. You would cut yourself off from areas that primarily use other services.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether you are willing to limit yourself to a single platform in exchange for the multifaceted support of a large company. Otherwise, keep looking for better self-publishing options.

1. Countdown offers

KDP Select information and promotion tools

The first tool to look forward to when promoting your ebook is the countdown timer. For up to seven days, you can offer the post at a discounted price, which may be the same throughout the sale or decrease as the end date approaches.

If you sell copies during the auction, you get royalties based on the original price, not the discounted price. Amazon shows customers all of its Kindle Countdown offerings on a dedicated page, and your dashboard shows your book’s performance in real time.

That said, the program is only available on the US and UK platforms. You can have one countdown per KDP Select registration period, which lasts 90 days each. The original price of the ebook should also be at least $ 2.99. Get to know Amazon’s requirements in full.

KDP Free Book Promotion Information

Another great way to get your book into the hands of readers is to give it away for free. It also appears on a dedicated page, while the promotion is only available in KDP Select. There are a few differences from a countdown timer.

Initially, the sales period can be up to five days, split or all at once. In terms of royalties, the free book promotion feature doesn’t get you any royalties while it is running. On the plus side, more people are likely to pick up the book this way than with a discount.

Keep in mind that, again, you can use this tool once per registration period and not if you’ve used a countdown timer before, so choose your promotion and timeline wisely to maximize its impact.

3. Advertising campaigns

Amazon also has a very efficient advertising platform, where you can set up your own campaigns. You have access to advertisements for different purposes, from sponsorship of individual products to entire brands to Kindle users.

You can take full control of each campaign, choosing budget, bidding strategy, target keywords, etc. It’s a pay-per-click system, so you only pay when people interact with your product correctly.

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Your dashboard shows how your campaign is performing, including impressions, clicks, sales, and advertising share of your revenue. Reports are also available for a particular time frame and point of interest, such as targeting, location, or share of impressions of search terms.

While advertising does not depend on KDP Select, there are still rules and requirements to follow, if only to avoid issues down the line.

4. Kindle unlimited

A final benefit of KDP Select is Kindle Unlimited (KU). It’s basically an online lending library that you subscribe to for $ 9.99 / month. For authors, it offers another dedicated place to present their books.

The catch is that instead of royalties, you get a share of the monthly KDP Select Global Fund. Your income depends on the current fund and the number of pages people have read from your book.

In other words, it’s a popularity contest. The more readers consume your product, especially from start to finish, the more you earn. So your book should be as good as it can get.

5. Wider distribution

KDP Extended Distribution Pricing

Kindle Direct Publishing has another feature that you might be interested in your projects ie if you intend to print your book. You have the option of making your paperback available to major distributors, who can then give it to retailers and libraries.

However, all of these companies must want your book, so it’s doubly important that you design an attractive product. An additional factor to consider is that the minimum list price you can set with extended distribution is $ 15.03 to meet the demands of all parties.

It’s a move that will put off some readers, but it will expand the reach of your book. Then again, you can always use your countdown offers to make it more accessible. Take a look at more terms you should know before signing up Amazon’s extensive distribution.

Get your eBook marketing campaign in order

Kindle Direct Publishing can help you market your work in a number of ways, but it’s up to you to use these tools to your advantage.

Either way, a detailed plan is essential to achieving your goals as a freelance writer. Long before your book launches, it’s important to set a schedule for all of your tasks and monitor their performance.

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