“13 Reasons Why” Don’t Miss The World’s Most Popular Web Series


Priya Bharti | We have noticed that youth suicide cases are on the rise due to their lifestyle, thinking skills, or whatever could be the reason that Suicide the American Web Series 13 ended a number of times. ‘advantages and disadvantages. When I first started watching I found Season 1 to be the most interesting, but from the middle of Season 2 I started to lose interest. Without a doubt, Season 1 was great, but Season 2 is also enjoyable and in 3rd the season is dragged and jumped from Hannah to Bryce and after watching season 4 you can tell they handled that from Chaotically, it seems the series has changed form from a teenage drama to a courtroom saga to a murder mystery too, finally, finally a psychological thriller.
But, there are parts of the series that are touching, as the producer wisely handled and presented the lifestyle beautifully, the relationship between suicide and drug use. Many times one can get confused while watching the show because one of the characters is just dumped anytime with anyone.
13 why? is the web series based on the high school life of students, how they do illogical things to become famous. Hannah Baker, the girl who took her own life on the show was a beautiful new girl admitted to Liberty High School who was innocent and trusted everyone so easily. She has always been betrayed and intimidated by her so-called friends and later raped by one of them. Even her parents didn’t have enough time for them as they were always busy in their drug store.
Hannah recorded 13 tapes with sides A and B and circulated among the 13 people behind her suicide and asked her trusted friend Tony to play them one by one.
Every now and then new characters come up with some relevance to Hannah.
Other than that, camera angles, animations, visuals, and shots are next-level stuff. Even the actors playing the role were so immersed in the characters.
Overall it’s a brainstorming movie like memento but a bit boring and over the top at the end.
13 reasons why? Is very popular series with high demand among people.


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